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TechVertu Achieves Cyber Security Certification for John F Hunt Group

John F Hunt Group Limited has just attained its Cyber Security Certificate, which means that all companies within the John F Hunt Group comply with the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme. TechVertu, an IT support agency, led this project, part of the Group, which controls and oversees the IT requirements for the whole structure.

The Grays-based company also offers external clients comprehensive IT support and web design services.

“We hope this achievement will demonstrate our commitment to cyber security and show to our customers that we, as a Group, take this matter seriously”, says Hadi Marashy, TechVertu’s Managing Director.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme which helps to protect organisations against cyber attacks.

Cyber security certification achievement

The assessment focuses on some of the most important technical security controls identified by the government. Achieving this certification means that the security measures currently in place will protect against the vast majority of common cyber attacks. Since October 2014, it has become a minimum requirement for bidding for some government contracts.

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