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Co-managed IT Services: Complementing Your IT Department

A Cost-effective solution to scale your internal IT department team.

Say goodbye to the age-old dilemma of choosing between in-house expertise and external support. With deep insights into your company’s unique needs, your in-house IT team works closely with a network of expert providers.

Co-managed or complementary IT services bridge the gap by enhancing your internal capabilities with external expertise.

What are co-managed (complementary) IT services?

Co-managed IT services involve a strategic partnership between your internal IT team and an external provider like TechVertu. This collaboration boosts your IT capabilities by sharing responsibilities, leveraging external expertise, and providing scalable solutions tailored to your business needs.

Strategic partnership

Your internal IT team remains the backbone while we enhance your strengths and address skill gaps.

Shared responsibilities

Balance tasks between your team and ours, allowing your staff to focus on core functions.

Enhanced capabilities

Augment your current setup with additional resources and expertise.

Increased efficiency & productivity

Our seasoned professionals offer insights and solutions to boost performance.

Scalability and flexibility

Our services scale with your business and adjust to meet changing needs.

Enhanced security and compliance

Robust security protocols and compliance support ensure your data and systems remain secure.

What services do co-managed IT services cover?

TechVertu’s co-managed IT services fill gaps in your current IT department with a wide range of offerings:

Assessment & planning

  • Initial IT assessment and audit
  • Strategic IT planning

IT support & helpdesk

  • Tiered support levels
  • Emergency support

Infrastructure management

  • Network monitoring and management
  • Infrastructure optimisation

Cyber security support

  • Threat detection and response
  • Compliance assistance

Cloud services

  • Cloud integration and management
  • Data backup and recovery

Project management

  • IT project collaboration
  • Implementation support

How co-managed IT services work

Co-managed IT services complement your existing team, balancing support and expertise to optimise resources and enhance productivity.

Initial Setup and Seamless Integration

Onboarding Process: Smooth onboarding to integrate our services with your systems.
Integration with Internal Systems: Ongoing monitoring and detailed performance reports.

Ongoing Collaboration and Proactive Support

Regular Communication and Coordination: Continuous collaboration to meet your IT needs.
Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Ongoing monitoring and detailed performance reports.

Tailored Service Customisation

Services Aligned to Your Needs: Customise services to fit your business requirements.
Regular Review and Adjustment: Continuously review and adjust services for optimal performance.

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