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TechVertu is a full-service IT agency with offices in Essex, London, and Surrey. We offer a full range of IT support services for businesses of all sizes. We help businesses thrive through digital technology by unlocking the incredible potential of technology and marketing.

How did it happen?

TechVertu started in November 2017 when the John F Hunt Group invested in a small IT support company named Ruuz, founded in 2012 by Hadi Marashy, TechVertu’s current managing director. What started almost exclusively as a central in-house hub for the Group’s day-to-day IT support requirements quickly became a full-service technological company. Just a few months after TechVertu was born, the business took over the IT support services for all companies within the John F Hunt Group, managing over 500 users ever since. Some of the Group’s main branding and web development assignments soon came, followed by external clients and projects, enabling TechVertu to diversify its know-how. Its current portfolio includes various industries, ranging from the construction sector to retail, education and hospitality.

Nowadays, TechVertu has all the resources, time, and expertise to support or fully manage IT systems for any other business, and it offers comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services. We use the latest tools, creative thinking and cutting-edge technology to bring real benefits to your business. Younger team members bring fresh ideas to the mix, while senior specialists ensure we deliver the customer focus, professionalism and service standards that dynamic businesses demand. Moreover, we’re open and transparent about our pricing and all aspects of our work. In doing so, we build deeper trust and long-lasting client relationships.

Our values

TechVertu is built on passion, innovation, creativity, collaboration and transparency. These values guide us – and we always dig deep for our clients. Our reliable and responsive team is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and highly accomplished projects every single time.






How it works?

01 Meet

First things first. Let’s have an informal chat over a cuppa. We like to start every project by getting to know our clients and building trust. We get to boil down exactly what you’re looking for and work out the best way we can help. Hot drinks are on us.

02 Plan

Now, we need to look at your project in more detail. We’ll be asking a lot of questions. What’s your objective? Who’s your audience? What are your strengths and weaknesses? If you don’t have the answers, don’t worry – our friendly team of professionals will help you find them. With a thorough brief, it’s time to create some magic. Our team uses their technical and creative magic to produce practical, efficient, and engaging solutions that will wow you and, most importantly, your end-users.

03 Test

An enjoyable user experience is fundamental. So before we fire up the engines and launch your new project, we need to test its functionality and usability. At this stage, we’ll comprehensively analyse your project and get feedback on it from objective users. If there are any issues – with the services, design, navigation, interface, or anything else – we’ll fix them.

04 Launch

After a rigorous process packed with creative sweat and passionate production and testing, it’s time to launch your project. Launch day is a massive moment for your business. And we’ll give you many suggestions to ensure the most significant impact. 3-2-1… lift off!

Ready to start?

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