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Security Management Policy Statement CP001

It is the objective of this information security policy to:

  • Provide services within a secure environment.
  • Ensure the correct and secure operation of information processing facilities.
  • Ensure that risk to information in the care of TechVertu is minimised or eliminated.
  • Conform to contractual and regulatory requirements in relation to Information Security.
  • To continually improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of information security and service delivery to our clients.

These objectives are supported by the following customer-orientated objectives:

  • To increase customers’ confidence concerning the security of the information in the care of TechVertu
  • Provide management direction and support for information security in accordance with business requirements and relevant laws and regulations.
  • To minimize the risk of system failures

These objectives are achieved by:

  • Providing first-class training to all TechVertu employees about Information Security.
  • Controlling access to information
  • To implement and maintain the appropriate level of information security and service delivery in line with third-party service delivery agreements
  • Continually review and improve our Information Security Policies by analysing recorded security incidents.

Hadi Marashy

Managing Director

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