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New Era of Green IT Solutions with Solar Panels 

Green IT Solution with Solar Panels

The global business fraternity is now embracing eco-friendly approaches to meeting the rising need for sustainable practices. The example of the industry that leads this move is IT because its power consumption and environmental impact are staggering. Among green IT solutions, those that are powered by renewable sources of energy, such as solar panels, have

Why You Should Update Adobe Flash Today

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform which combines graphics, animation, video and sound. It is used for many websites to create rich dynamic content. However, hackers have always been known to exploit weaknesses in the security of Adobe Flash and use those to compromise systems. And now that Adobe Flash is embedded into Windows 10

Windows 11 vs Windows 365: What’s The Difference?

Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11 at the end of June. Only weeks later, they followed with a surprise introduction of Windows 365, a subscription service that takes the operating system to the cloud. It is designed for businesses, with IT managers and the new hybrid working era in mind. In this article, we

Windows 365: In the Cloud

Microsoft brings Windows 10 and 11 to the cloud with the recently announced Windows 365. The service will provide businesses of all sizes a new way of experiencing Windows, promising a personalised PC experience from the cloud to any device that is easy to use and just as effortless for IT to manage. How can

How to Properly Wipe a Hard Drive


We make sure your data is lost forever! If you want your data recovery to be impossible, the only way which guarantee absolute results would be for your hard drive to be physically destroyed. We offer a range of tools that will make sure the data is gone forever by using a tandem roller, a

3 Key Elements for an Internal Communications Plan


Want to develop a simple but efficient internal communications plan for your company? So make sure you follow these 3 easy steps. An Internal Communications Plan Elements 1. Objectives Clearly state your business goals. An internal communications plan is ultimately a way to achieve an organizational outcome more quickly and effectively. But without your team’s

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