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How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot on Android: A Simple Guide

This simple guide will take you through how to set up a Mobile Hotspot on your Android phone. A Mobile Hotspot is when you share the internet connection from your phone to another device.There are two methods of accessing the Hotspot Settings, we will go through both here.

Method A:

Step 1:

Slide your finger down from the top of the screen to see the setting shortcuts.

Setting Shortcut Android

Step 2:

Slide your finger down again to see all the available shortcuts.

All Available Shortcuts Android

Step 3:

Hold your finger down over the Mobile Hotspot rather than tapping on it to configure the settings.

Find Mobile Hotspot Location on Android

If this has worked for you, you can now skip ahead to Configuring Mobile Hotspot Settings.

Method B:

Step 1:

Search for and open the Settings App on your phone.

To do this, from the Home screen, Slide your finger upwards to see all of your apps.

Then select Settings.

Find Setting App on Android Screenshot
Setting App on Android Screenshot

Step 2:

From Settings, open Connections.

Connections Option in Android Setting

Step 3:

Scroll down and open Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

Open Mobile Hotspot and Tethering Setting in Android

Step 4:

From there, we want to press the word Mobile Hotspot to configure the settings.

Screenshot of Mobile Hotspot in Android Setting

Configuring mobile hotspot settings:

Step 1:

Now we turn ON the Mobile Hotspot by moving the slider to the right.

You can see the name of your network and password, in this case Tether-Name and Password.

You can change the name of your network or password by pressing them and entering something else.

Screenshot of Hotspot Name and Password and Turning on Hotspot in Android Setting

Step 2:

Now from your computer, you will be able to see your phone’s Mobile Hotspot Name in the list of networks you can join.

Once you select it enter the Password as shown on your phone and so long as your phone has a strong signal, you should have an internet connection on your computer.

If it has worked, you will see the computer listed under Connected Devices.

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