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IT Cartoon Contest – 2021

As an innovative IT Support and Technology company, TechVertu knows very well the importance of increasing public awareness concerning Information Technology Challenges in today’s personal and business environment. Thus, we organised this ground-breaking International Cartoon Contest to pass our corporate message to the public.

The following online gallery includes all the artwork submitted to TechVertu for our first International Cartoon Contest. The title of this Cartoon Competition is “IT & Technology Challenges for Businesses.”

Jury members for TechVertu First International Cartoon Contest – 2021

The Jury Cartoon Art in Cartoon Contest

All displayed artworks are sent to TechVertu by individual artists under the Terms and Conditions stated in the Contest Invitation Letter provided to them before their submission. Although TechVertu has undertaken precautious assessments on these artworks to ensure they are in line with the competition’s Terms and Conditions, the company is not responsible for the artwork’s originality and copyright aspect. The legal terms were explained to the candidate clearly; therefore, such an issue should be the artist’s responsibility who submitted the work for this contest.

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