The First International IT Cartoon Competition held in the UK

TechVertu are delighted to announce their inaugural International Cartoon Contest with the subject focusing on “Information Technology Challenges for Businesses” at its heart.  Internationally recognised artists from 47 countries have been invited to participate in the First International IT Cartoon Competition ever held in the UK.

Indisputably IT Support and Technology have dramatically transformed our personal and professional lives in a relatively short space of time. Businesses are highly dependent on IT and must stay updated with the latest knowledge, skills and equipment to ensure their future growth and continued client satisfaction.  In addition to this fast moving world, Covid-19 has highlighted the vital role that IT plays for everyone in staying connected to enable ‘business as usual’.

This presents a wide range of new issues to businesses worldwide, with challenges such as Data Security, Cybersecurity Threats, Hijacking, Data Backup and Recovery, Remote Working, Virtual Meetings, Fast Internet Connection, Paperless operation, Spam emails, Phishing, Online Violence and Mobile phone connections, to name but a few…the list is endless!

As an innovative IT Support and Technology company, specialising in the construction industry, TechVertu knows very well the importance of increasing public awareness concerning these challenges, risks, and opportunities. We therefore believe this Cartoon Contest could communicate this vital message to the public in a simple, thought provoking, yet amusing manner.