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How Can Password Management Safeguard Your Business

With over 95% of cybersecurity breaches being put down to human error, every business must have a secure password policy to manage logins and passwords. TechVertu’s IT support and password management service gives you complete peace of mind – take control of your passwords with a vault that can set complex and discrete passwords and a team of IT experts to support you all the way!


Passwords are typically the first line of defence guarding critical data. Research has found that the average user has over a dozen different passwords to remember at any given time. To cope, often weak and repeated passwords are used – compromising a business’s security and frequently resulting in exploitation from attackers. Password managers offer a secure way of coping with password overload, ensuring passwords are strong and secure, eminently reducing the risk of cybercrime.

How can TechVert help you?

TechVertu can help your company to protect your most valuable asset – information. Our team of IT experts will make sure that your data and systems are safe. We can help you create and implement your complete IT security policy – with our password management service as part of your IT support package.

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