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What Are IT Services? Definition and Examples

In today’s digital age, businesses rely heavily on technology to operate efficiently and effectively. From managing data to communicating with clients, technology plays a crucial role in the success of any organisation. As technology changes, it can be hard for businesses to stay updated and make sure their systems work well. This is where tech and IT services come in.

We will define information technology services with examples of how they can benefit businesses of all sizes.

The world of IT services

What are IT services?

Information technology (IT) services, refer to the management and support of technology systems and infrastructure. These services can range from basic technical support to more complex tasks such as network security and data management.

Information Technology services are typically provided by a team of experts who have the knowledge and skills to handle various technology-related tasks. These services can be outsourced to a third-party provider or managed in-house by a dedicated IT team.

Types of information technology services

The services of IT can be divided into three main categories: managed services, co-managed services, and project-based services.

Managed services

Managed services refer to the outsourcing of all IT-related tasks to a third-party provider. This includes the management and maintenance of hardware, software, and network infrastructure. With managed services, businesses can focus on their core operations while leaving the technical aspects to the experts.

Co-Managed services

Co-managed IT services, also known as co-sourced services, involve a partnership between a business and an IT service provider. In this model, the IT service provider works alongside the business’s internal IT team to manage and support their technology systems. This allows businesses to have access to additional resources and expertise without completely outsourcing their tech services.

Project-Based services

Project-based services refer to one-time IT projects that are outsourced to a third-party provider. This can include tasks such as system upgrades, network installations, and data migrations. These services are typically used when a business does not have the resources or expertise to complete a specific project in-house.

Benefits of managed IT services

Managed IT services benefits

In today’s digital age, information technology services are essential for businesses of all sizes. From network management to cybersecurity, IT service providers can offer a wide range of services to help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and ensure their systems are running smoothly. By outsourcing IT support and services, businesses can save time and money, access expertise, and improve efficiency.

Predictable costs

Managed IT offers a subscription model that is easy to budget for fixed monthly charges.  managed service models reduce unforeseen costs and enable efficient resource allocation towards areas where they will have the most significant impact.

Reduced labour costs

Hiring, training, and retaining IT staff is pretty time-consuming and it will cost money, which can be saved by outsourcing IT management. This will, in turn, enable you to redirect your financial resources into strategic ventures.

Access to IT experts

With expertise in innovative technologies, new market trends, and industry best practises, the managed IT service providers have knowledgeable professionals on staff.

They are your technology consultants who will help you navigate through that fast and growing world of information technology (IT).

Enhanced problem solving

IT professionals usually can foresee any problem long before it happens. Proactive monitoring protects one from probable disturbances and saves time, thereby reducing downtime.

Advanced security measures

To protect your business and your client data from dangers, they employ potent cyber security tools like ransomware, malware, and email phishing frauds. Full-time reliability, security, and management of your data and network are taken care of by our team.

Compliance assurance

They will make sure that you comply with all industry-specific standards set in your IT environment. This is particularly important for any business dealing with the confidentiality of data.

Proactive maintenance

By constant supervision of suppliers, problems with IT are identified, thus preventing their escalation. This means fewer disturbances and increased productivity in a proactive approach.

Round-the-clock support

You will receive round-the-clock support with managed IT services, ensuring that your systems are always up and running. This implies that your employees will have no interruption at all that could be related to IT and will be, therefore, productive.

Unburdened workforce

Your employees’ job satisfaction and productivity will increase if you outsource the management of your computer systems, allowing them to focus on completing their primary day-to-day tasks.

Strategic focus

Without having to worry about everyday IT issues, your company would have more time and other essential resources to devote to strategic goals and innovations.


Managed IT Services can grow with your organisation. You can easily adjust the level of services to meet your changing needs with a focus on the core of your business.

Disaster recovery

As a business owner, it is essential to know that your data is safe and secure. Managed IT service providers have gotten you covered with efficient data backup, cloud services and disaster recovery solutions. You can be confident that, with their support services, your vital data will always be accessible, even in the case of an unplanned disaster.

Minimal downtime

Prompt issue resolution, proper network infrastructure and reliable backup systems reduce downtime, allowing your business to operate smoothly.

IT consultation

Providers of managed IT services work as partners with you to plan your IT infrastructure so that it supports your business objectives. This transforms IT from a necessity into an asset.

Access to advanced technologies

Managed IT Services providers offer IT solutions and technologies. This keeps you ahead of the competition, enabling you to leverage innovative tools and resources.

Single point of contact (Vendor management)

Managed IT Service providers handle interactions with technology vendors on your behalf, simplifying vendor management and ensuring issue resolution.

Traditional IT support vs managed IT support

Practical applications of managed IT and tech services

  • Efficiently manage network resources and address connectivity issues swiftly.
  • Assure dependability and security of the network.
  • Implement robust security measures, including firewalls, encryption, and regular security audits.
  • Monitor unusual activity and threats 24/7.
  • Automatic data backup to secure locations.
  • Swiftly recover data in case of data loss or disaster.
  • Migrate to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs.
  • Enjoying the scalability and flexibility of cloud resources.
  • Ensuring your organisation adheres to industry-specific compliance standards.
  • Manage and mitigate IT-related risks.

Why does your business need managed services for IT?

Managed IT Services offer a world of benefits, from cost savings and expert knowledge to enhanced security and round-the-clock support. By taking care of all your IT-related tasks, you can completely concentrate on what you do best – having a business grow and delivering outstanding service to your customers.

Examples of IT and tech services

Now that we have defined information technology services, let’s take a look at some IT services examples of and how they can benefit businesses.

Network management solutions

Network management and network solutions are crucial aspects of IT solutions and services. It involves the monitoring and maintenance of a business’s network infrastructure to ensure it is running smoothly and securely. This includes tasks such as configuring firewalls, managing network traffic, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

By outsourcing network management to an IT service provider, businesses can ensure that their network is secure and functioning properly at all times. This is especially important for businesses that rely heavily on their network for day-to-day operations.

Data backup and recovery

Data is a valuable asset for any business, and it is essential to have a backup plan in case of data loss. IT service providers can help businesses set up and manage data backup systems to ensure that their data is safe and easily recoverable in case of a disaster.

In addition to data backup, IT service providers can also assist with data recovery in the event of a system failure or cyber-attack. This can save businesses from potential data loss and minimise downtime.

Cybersecurity solutions

With the rise of cyber-attacks and data breaches, cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes. IT service providers can help businesses implement security measures such as firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems to protect their systems and data from cyber threats.

In addition to implementing security measures, IT service providers can also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure that systems are secure and up-to-date.

Cloud computing (Cloud solutions and services)

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing businesses to store and access data and applications remotely. IT service providers can help businesses migrate to the cloud and manage their cloud infrastructure, ensuring that data is secure and easily accessible.

Cloud computing can also provide cost savings for businesses, as they no longer need to invest in expensive hardware and software. IT service providers can help businesses choose the right cloud solutions for their needs and manage them effectively.

Journey through IT services landscape

Help desk support

Technical issues can arise at any time, and it is essential to have a reliable support system in place. IT service providers can offer help desk support to businesses, assisting with technical issues and troubleshooting.

Help desk support can be provided remotely or on-site, depending on the needs of the business. This allows businesses to have access to technical support whenever they need it, without the need for an in-house IT team.

IT consulting

IT service providers can also offer consulting services to businesses, providing expert advice on technology solutions and strategies. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that are looking to upgrade their systems or implement new technology but are unsure of where to start.

IT consulting can help businesses make informed decisions about their technology investments and ensure that they are using the most efficient and effective solutions for their needs.

Server infrastructure maintenance

Your server infrastructure is the backbone of your IT ecosystem. TechVertu’s expert server infrastructure maintenance ensures the reliability and security of your servers. We proactively monitor and maintain your servers to prevent downtime, security breaches, and performance issues. With us by your side, your servers will operate at peak efficiency, supporting your business’s growth without a hitch.


Imagine having a room full of servers, each performing a single task. It’s costly, inefficient, and limits your scalability. Here’s where virtualisation can be beneficial. TechVertu can virtualise your servers, allowing you to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. This not only reduces hardware costs but also enhances flexibility. TechVertu leverages virtualisation technology to optimise your IT resources, enhance performance, and streamline operations. our virtualisation solutions bring flexibility and scalability to your business.

Securing hybrid workers

The rise of remote and hybrid work has introduced new security IT services challenges. TechVertu’s cybersecurity services are tailor-made for this era. We safeguard your data, systems, and networks against evolving threats, providing peace of mind to both in-office and remote employees. Our expert team employs cutting-edge tools and strategies to identify weaknesses and mitigate risks. With our comprehensive approach, you can rest assured that your business remains secure in the face of cyber challenges.

SIP and call management

Efficient communication is the lifeblood of any business. TechVertu’s SIP and call management solutions optimise your communication infrastructure. We provide seamless integration, cost-effective solutions, and top-tier support, ensuring your communication channels are always open and reliable. Whether you’re handling remote teams or expanding your reach, we’ve got the communication tools you need. Experience seamless integration, cost-effective solutions, and reliable support for your communication needs.

Managed IT support

Managed IT support

TechVertu’s managed IT support is your dedicated IT partner, available round the clock. We proactively monitor your systems, address issues before they disrupt your operations, and ensure your IT environment is always performing at its best. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you, so you can focus on what you do best to grow your business. Focus on your core business while we handle your IT concerns.

Remote IT support

Geography is no longer a barrier to IT support. TechVertu’s remote IT support ensures that you receive expert assistance, no matter where you are. Our remote solutions are fast, secure, and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need troubleshooting, updates, or system enhancements, we’re just a click away.

IT Asset Management Services

Efficiently managing your IT assets is crucial for cost control and business growth. TechVertu’s IT asset management services help you track, maintain, and optimise your IT investments. We ensure that your assets are utilised to their fullest potential, saving you money and enhancing your business’s productivity.

Supply chain services and operations

Efficiency and agility are keys to success in today’s competitive landscape. TechVertu’s supply chain services and operations solutions streamline processes, cut costs, and enhance overall efficiency. Adapt to market dynamics and keep your business agile and competitive.

IT support and services salary in the UK

When it comes to salaries in the Information Technology (IT) sector in the UK, they can vary depending on factors such as job role, experience, location, and the specific IT service being provided.

On average, IT professionals in the UK can expect competitive salaries. For example, IT support specialists may earn between £22,000 to £34,000 per year, while IT consultants with more experience and expertise could earn salaries ranging from £27,000 to £51,000 or more annually.

Higher-level IT roles such as IT managers or IT directors can command even higher salaries, often exceeding £80,000 per year. Salaries can also be influenced by certifications, additional skills, and the size and industry of the company.

It’s important to research current salary trends in the UK IT industry to get a more accurate picture of what to expect based on your specific role and circumstances.

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