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Network & Connectivity Solutions for the Construction Industry

John F Hunt Group

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Executive Summary

Techvertu’s collaboration with the John F Hunt Group has redefined connectivity across its vast operations, providing a seamless and efficient network solution crucial for the construction industry’s unique demands.

Implementing cutting-edge Cisco Meraki technology, Techvertu delivered a blend of high-speed internet access options, ensuring reliability through backup systems and integrating all fixed and temporary sites via SD-WAN.

This approach guaranteed uninterrupted service and enabled substantial cost savings, reducing capital and operational expenditures significantly.
The strategic deployment has enhanced operational efficiency, fostered sustainability through energy-saving features, and supported the Group’s growth ambitions.

The partnership exemplifies how tailored technological solutions can overcome complex operational challenges, significantly advancing construction and regeneration project management. 

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The Problem

The John F Hunt Group operates across a broad construction industry spectrum, necessitating reliable and consistent internet connectivity at its varied project sites and within its fixed office locations.

This requirement presents a multifaceted challenge due to the diversity of the environments in which the Group operates—from permanent offices to temporary construction sites with durations ranging from 3 to 60 months, and often in remote or challenging locations.

The offices require robust internet connectivity along with a dependable backup system to ensure operational continuity and to support the Group’s critical business functions.

Additionally, the dynamic and temporary nature of construction sites adds complexity to delivering reliable internet services, which is further complicated by the need to integrate these sites seamlessly with the offices and each other. This integration is vital for creating a unified and efficient operational framework across the entire Group.

Implementing an SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) has become essential for connecting all offices and temporary sites, ensuring connectivity and the resilience and flexibility needed to maintain uninterrupted operations and communications.

The challenge extends beyond providing individual connectivity solutions; it involves creating a comprehensive, interconnected network that supports the seamless experience required by the John F Hunt Group’s diverse and geographically dispersed operations. 

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The Solution

Techvertu addressed the connectivity challenges the John F Hunt Group faced with a holistic approach that combined state-of-the-art technology and strategic planning to ensure uninterrupted internet service across all operational fronts.

The solution encompassed several critical components tailored to meet the Group’s unique needs:

1. High-Performance Connectivity Options:
For fixed office locations, Techvertu deployed a combination of lease lines and broadband solutions, ensuring high-speed internet access that supports the Group’s demanding business operations.

Each office was equipped with a primary connectivity method and a fail-safe backup system, such as 4G, 5G, or Starlink, to guarantee continuity in case of service disruptions.
2. Adaptive Solutions for Temporary Sites:
Recognising the varied durations and remote locations of the Group’s construction sites, Techvertu implemented flexible connectivity solutions that could be rapidly deployed and adjusted based on project needs.

This included portable internet solutions with dual connectivity options, ensuring that even the most remote sites had reliable internet through the best available network service, whether 4G, 5G, or Starlink.
3. SD-WAN Integration:
A critical component of Techvertu’s solution was the deployment of SD-WAN technology, which allowed for the seamless integration of internet services across all fixed and temporary sites.

SD-WAN provided a centralised management platform that enabled the efficient routing of traffic, prioritisation of critical applications, and real-time network performance monitoring.

This technology ensured that all locations, regardless of their function or geography, were interconnected, facilitating smooth communication and data exchange across the Group’s operations.
4. Continuous Monitoring and Support:
Techvertu’s solution included proactive monitoring of network performance and implementing automatic failover systems to minimise downtime.
This approach ensured that connectivity issues could be quickly identified and resolved, often before they impacted operations. Additionally, Techvertu provided ongoing support and consultation to adapt the connectivity solutions as the needs of the John F Hunt Group evolved, ensuring that the infrastructure could support future growth and technological advancements.
5. Customisation and Scalability:
Recognising the dynamic nature of the construction industry and the specific demands of the John F Hunt Group, the connectivity solutions were designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. This allowed for the easy expansion of services to new sites and offices, ensuring that its technological infrastructure fully supported the Group’s growth and diversification strategies.

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The Outcome

Techvertu’s deployment of comprehensive connectivity solutions, leveraging Cisco Meraki’s advanced technology, has significantly transformed the operational dynamics of the John F Hunt Group.

This strategic implementation facilitated seamless, efficient communication across all sites and offices, with SD-WAN technology playing a crucial role in providing a robust and adaptable network.

The use of Cisco Meraki technology not only enhanced operational efficiency but also led to substantial cost savings.

Through the reduction in both capital and operational expenditures—achieving up to 20% in CapEx savings and an impressive up to 90% reduction in OpEx—the Group has realised a significant decrease in the total cost of ownership.

This outcome is further supported by streamlined network management processes and improved system uptime, courtesy of Meraki’s cloud-managed solutions.
Additionally, the initiative aligns with the Group’s sustainability goals by incorporating features that minimise energy consumption.

The financial and operational benefits derived from the adoption of Cisco Meraki solutions underscore the value of integrating innovative IT solutions to meet industry-specific challenges and propel long-term success.

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