Printing Efficiency

John F Hunt

The Problem

John F Hunt Group were spending too much money with their in-house printing services. Employees were excessively printing in colour, causing a financial burden every month, and the group of companies had no printer server in place to manage or audit their staff printing. At the same time, some major connectivity issues were detected as several workstations were not correctly connected to the right printers. This was making printing a hassle and a chore within the company, causing major delays on projects and daily tasks.

The Request

John F Hunt asked TechVertu to take this task on hand and issue an efficient solution across the whole group of companies. Time was critical for this project, especially due to the high and unnecessary expenditure registered every month.

The Implementation

Our team issued a new server for John F Hunt and deployed printers across all sites. This meant working across workstations of over 400 employees, without disturbing their everyday work, and with no disruption to the printing services.

The Solution

TechVertu advised John F Hunt to issue a printing server across all companies within the Group. This would allow the printing process to run smoothly and would also enable connectivity to be simplified.

The Benefits

  • Make printing more cost effective by reduce printing costs
  • Easy remote access to all printers across the company
  • Encourage employees to be more eco-friendly
  • Ability to audit and manage individual printing

Environmental Impact

Trees saved
3,431 kg of C02
Saved from entering the atmosphere
Since 25th January 2018, the energy saved equals to 214,809 hours running a 60W Bulb