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Let's create the design that will really set your company apart.

Our secret is Pixie Dust  *

What sets us apart from other web design firms is our team of talented, skilled and passionate specialists, who are able to deliver a wide variety of tailored products and design packages in line with your business’ specifications.

We thrive on the challenge that a detailed and stretching brief presents, and are known for delivering bespoke, responsive, superior products no matter how tight the timeframe is.

Winning websites that attract and retain customers are ones that understand their target audience, their vision, their operating environment – and of course, the competition.

*Just kidding! It's only knowledge and a handful of talent

Modern Web Design

Bespoke web designs

Web users want an instant hit. The first contact your potential customers have with your business is frequently through your website. And, as we know, first impressions are everything. So, it’s essential that your website is not only engaging and creative but also functional and responsive.

User friendly websites

Responsive & user-friendly websites

Web design is so much more than layout and colour – usability, accessibility, localisation, responsiveness and optimal user interface and user experience are all essential components – and (luckily for you) the hallmarks of a TechVertu product.

Web design with no surprises

No hidden fees or unexpected surprises

We’ll get under the skin of your business and understand your goals. Once we’re clear, our creative crew of designers will build a website that says who you are, what you do and, most important, why you are unique.

How it works?



We hear what you like (and what you don’t like). We discuss your company’s needs, research design trends within your industry, check your competitors, offer you some advice and share some ideas. When you’re finally happy with a concept, we’ll roll up our sleeves and start bringing it to life.



Our team will create a few designs which will be our starting point to develop exactly what you envision. We will work close to you every step of the way, until you’re happy with the whole visual concept created for your new website.



This is the stage when we will finally be building your website. This means that our web developers will code your design, so it effectively becomes a functional and responsive website.


Test & Launch

Before your website’s official launch, we will spend some time testing all its functionalities and making sure all looks (and more important, works) perfectly for your upcoming visitors. Once we are all happy, then it’s time to go live!

What we can do for your business

Web Development

Our team analyses your needs, researches the competition and applies its diverse technical expertise to come up with the most optimal solutions to your organisation

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We can offer web hosting to your website on our dedicated servers, with full technical support


If you’re looking to sell online, our eCommerce website development services suit all types of products, businesses and budgets

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We optimise websites for search engines. Making sure they are fast, responsive and easy to navigate.

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Website Maintenance

Our additional web maintenance services are ideal for businesses looking for ongoing website support from a team of high-skilled technicians and developers