On-Site SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

In the past, on-site SEO has been associated with keyword use — and specifically, including a high-value keyword in several key locations on a website.

On Site SEO refers to content that is present on the website and is regarded as very valuable by the Search Engines for certain topics.

We will work on On-Page meta tags, header tags, the alternative text for images, videos and of course the text content on the page.

The title tag and meta descriptions are appearing in the SERP snippet and are crucial for the Click-thru Rate. They need to be impersonal and objective and list all the key selling points that you have. Also, what is promised in the snippet needs to exist on the website as well. If not, there will be clicks back to SERPs and in this case Google will consider that the user did not found what he was looking for on the website.

The meta tags that we will work on are dealing with the SERP snippet (title tag, meta description tag), tags dealing with crawling and indexation (meta robots tag, canonical tag, hreflang tag) and on the page the heading tags and alternate text for the image.

The TF-IDF acronym stands for (Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency) and refers on how many times the keyword appears on the website on multiple pages. If the main keywords are mentioned on many pages, then Google will consider that the website is more valuable for the specific term.

We offer a Local Optimisation service for businesses that operate in the area. We manage the Google My Business profile and will submit the business details to local directories that are relevant to the business. The most important thing is that the NAP citation is consistent across all the pages. The same Company Name, Address – including the post code – and phone number need to appear on all the web pages to create a strong indication of what exactly the company details are. If 2 addresses or phone numbers are used, Google might create two entities which represent two separate companies and the equity will be split between the two entities

Want content that will respond to your user’s need? No matter that is text content, videos, images, infographics, interactive content, we will create the content that is needed to help growing the conversion rate.

In terms of User Experience, we want content that is structured in such a way that any valuable piece content is reachable within 3 clicks.

TechVertu has working experience with Search Engine Optimisation for all types of business websites, starting with small & medium local businesses based in Essex and ending with multinational migration projects for multi-language / multi region websites for companies in London.

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