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It may sound like rocket science, but it’s just about providing the fuel to propel you up the search engine rankings. Optimising your site correctly will help you achieve this – and the results can be rewarding! Most of our work is done for Google’s standards as it has around 90% of the UK market. It also has the most complex ranking algorithm. The other search engines should perform well as well with our SEO work.

What makes a website rank well in Google?

Google’s ranking algorithms evolved from simple versions using keywords and link signals to complex ones involving artificial intelligence. It’s purpose is to serve the best results that can answer the search query and therefore help the user. We have a wealth of experience in the search industry and have done SEO campaigns for global, as well as smaller web businesses.

SEO vs Paid Advertising: Which is better?

One of the reasons companies decide to invest in SEO is reducing the budget spent on paid advertising (PPC, Google Shopping, Social Media Advertising). It really depends of the need and the urgency. We focus on tactics that give the best ROI. If you need high traffic volume in a short time and willing to pay for it, Pay Per Click is a good solution. PPC is the best option for campaigns that are needed on short notice. SEO is taking a longer period to deliver results, so it works better for long term plans. SEO requires:

  • technical work
  • onsite work
  • promoting the website

We organise this on projects that can take from 2 to 6 months to finish.

We have a wealth of results in our field of work. Our SEO consultants have worked for large companies in London, as well as smaller businesses in Essex. Our team is made up of SEO experts, marketers, web developers and copywriters – all of whom have vital roles to play in making your website better.

SEO agency in London and Essex

Our SEO Approach

We often follow the next pattern: we start with a technical scan, analyse the content, and the links profile. We do this to find the biggest issues that a website has. Once we find out the issues we create a SEO strategy and start doing specific work:

Search engine optimisation
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