Case Study

For Woolley’s current management, their mission is clear: to enhance the beauty of the original and successful Woolley’s food business founded in the 1980’s.

Food for Thought

Even though their restaurants are successful in and around their locations in Central London, the owners felt the brand could go much further if only they had the appropriate, strong and consistent strategy in place. That’s when we came into the picture.

Easy to maintain

Our team helped Woolley’s since day one by creating their corporate branding guidelines and developing and implementing their very own marketing strategy. From colour palettes to mission statements, competitors’ analysis to marketing timelines, we’ve done it all!

Simple Website Administration on a Laptop

The homemade vibe

And as the website is any business’ shop window, that’s exactly where we’re working on now. We’re creating something that truly reflects what Woolley’s is: a place known for its fresh, homemade and healthy food, with a very strong personality brought together by flavours and colours from all over the world.

Make sure you watch this space for constant updates on this project!