John F Hunt

Remote Work

The Problem

As the corona virus quickly spreads, several organisations recognise the importance and need for their employees to work from home. And our clients are no exception.

The Request

In a combined effort to slow down the spread of the virus and keep their staff safe, John F Hunt Group has requested TechVertu to implement all the necessary infrastructure which would enable all their staff to work from home with immediate effect.

Fortunately, many of the solutions presented and detailed below were already in place across several John F Hunt companies and divisions, implemented by our teams in the past. Therefore, our IT technicians had to act quickly and efficiently to make sure that 350 employees could carry on with their daily tasks with no disruption to the overall business.

The Solution

Microsoft Teams

All John F Hunt employees are able to communicate and work on projects in real time, from any location. Microsoft Teams is compatible with any software and device, allowing all members of staff to quickly message other individuals or groups.

Microsoft Teams videocall functionality has made remote meetings easier. It has even enabled site managers to get a first-person view of any ongoing projects, allowing them to review and survey multiple sites across the country much faster and without leaving the same place.

Voice calls have been diverted from desk phones to work mobiles through Microsoft Teams software, with no changes to any current infrastructure or phone numbers.

Due to the urgency of recent events, John F Hunt didn’t have much time to purchase equipment or deploy new software to all employees. By using Microsoft Teams, TechVertu was able to, seamlessly and effortlessly, implement this across thousands of already existing devices, without disturbing the company’s workflow.

Network connectivity to all offices

Employees were a bit sceptical about accessing their work files and servers when working from home. However, TechVertu has enabled John F Hunt staff to work from any location by providing the business with their very own private VPN. This has been setup for all users who wish to access the company server without the hassle of coming to head office.

Managing and sharing documents and forms

John F Hunt employees already use SharePoint, a cloud-based service for document management and storage.

TechVertu has also converted esoteric forms to be more user-friendly by using PowerApps, meaning that all data is now saved directly to the cloud, which facilitates all forms’ process, reducing times and increasing profit and productivity.

With both applications in place, John F Hunt employees are able to easily access business data, speed up shared business processes and securely share sensitive information, no matter their location.

Introducing employees own devices

Techvertu has allowed John F Hunt employees to introduce their own devices in line with BOYD policies, such as laptops and computers, to be used for work purposes. By using the cloud-based platforms and solutions presented above, all members of staff can just pick up their devices and start working.

The Implementation

The Benefits