Several companies, one strong identity

As the company quickly expanded and revamped their brand, John F Hunt Group needed common branding guidelines and a strong visual identity implemented throughout the full range of businesses and services.

A new website for the whole Group was one of the priorities. Our team helped the company bringing their vision to life by creating a new website reflecting the Group’s values and the firm’s revamped brand, focus on an easy navigation and an appealing layout. At the same time, it was also important to direct users to the specific websites of each business.


To achieve that purpose, we’ve created separated websites for companies such as John F Hunt Power and Remediation, and our team is currently working on developing individual online platforms for the remaining ones.

This was our answer to the main challenge we faced: to incorporate all different companies, each with their very own personality, into one unique visual identity. Our creative, unique footers, using the same colour and style, were also designed to generate a consistent branding throughout, while still reflecting each of the company’s individuality.