Asbestos Consultants Europe

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The Problem

Our client Asbestos Consultants Europe (ACE) were close to losing their client over a security issue as their devices weren’t compliant with any of their client’s requests and they were unable to fulfil these requirements with their current systems in place.

The Request

ACE has asked us to take commercially reasonable precautions to secure any mobile devices used by their staff members to access a client’s software, including: enforcing a strong PIN or password policy; applying encryption on the devices; and allowing remote wipe of any lost or tstolen device upon request.

The Solution

TechVertu suggested the use of MDM to manage their devices on site as this would allow ACE to control the data and encryption available on all devices. It would also give the company full control of the security settings, including the ability to wipe any mobile devices if required, and therefore protecting the client’s data.

The Implementation

A roll out plan was organised with our engineers and then issued to all ACE employees’ mobile phones and tablets. This deployment was pushed out into groups for the on-field surveyors and delegated permissions were provided to each device with auditing.

The Benefits

By offering ACE the ability to implement MDM on their devices, our team at TechVertu has allowed our client to continue the work with their own customer without any disturbance, while being compliant with their very specific requests. This has increased productivity and helped monitoring staff’s time, at the same time it allows ACE to provide high standards of security and reliability to their clients.

After working with TechVertu, I found the whole process from start to finish to be a very smooth and easy experience. Due to TechVertu’s very responsive and professional manner we were able to meet our client’s deadline and more importantly the security issue. Any issues or questions that needed answering, the company were always there to respond. I will be highly recommending TechVertu to all of our clients for their future projects. Thank you TechVertu!

Philip Bowen