TechVertu provides an intricate, layered breakdown where we relay the process of development and delivery on a B2B arrangement.

The Momentum Process


First things first. Let’s have an informal chat over a coffee. Getting to know our clients and building trust in this way is how we like to kick off every project. We get to boil down exactly what you’re looking for and work out the best way we can help. Hot drinks are on us.


Now we need to look at your project in more detail. We’ll be asking a lot of questions. What do you want to produce? What’s your objective? Who’s your audience? How should your project look and feel? If you don’t have the answers, don’t worry. Our friendly and creative team will help you find them.

With a thorough brief in place, it’s time for our designers and developers to create some magic. Whether they’re developing an existing platform or building something from the ground up, they’ll use their technical and creative wizardry to produce beautiful, engaging solutions that’ll wow you – and your end users.


An enjoyable user experience is fundamental. So before we fire up the engines and launch your new project, we need to test its functionality and usability. At this stage, we’ll fully analyse your project and get feedback on it from objective users. Any issues – with the design, navigation, interface, or anything else – we’ll fix them.


After a thoroughly rigorous process packed with creative sweat and passionate production and testing, it’s time to launch your project. Launch day is a huge moment for your business. And we’ll give you lots of suggestions to ensure the biggest impact – from mailing list manoeuvres, to building a buzz on social media. 3-2-1… lift off!

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