Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) can be an incredible advertising tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But without the right support, costs can easily spin out of control.

We have the expertise to manage your campaigns better and bring the best possible returns on your PPC investment. With our help, it can offer a quick and cost-effective way of bringing high-quality traffic to your website.

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PPC explained

PPC offers the potential to quickly blast your business to the top of the search results for specific keywords and phrases. It’s exciting and unique because it allows you to start pulling potential customers to your site within minutes of setting up a campaign.

Building a campaign involves several important steps. Firstly, an ad needs to be created for the business; then a maximum cost per click must be set for a keyword or phrase within that ad. The higher the bid, the better the chance your business will have of going straight to the top when someone searches for that phrase.

But there’s much more than just bidding. It’s essential that your landing page meets the strict demands of the search engines. It needs to be relevant, useful and full of original content. Transparency, trustworthiness and ease of navigation are also important; so the stronger your landing page, the better your campaign will perform.

The search engine is paid every time someone clicks on your ad. You’ll never pay more than the limit you set, and often you’ll pay less.

The fact you’re only charged when someone clicks on your advert makes PPC unique. Managed properly, it can be extremely cost-effective. It can give you greater control over what you spend and allow you to easily monitor the returns you’re getting on your marketing investment.

PPC Services explained

So, why would you need help with PPC?

Well, while it’s easy to set up systems such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads and others, unless you have experience of running successful PPC campaigns, it’s all too easy to get carried away in keyword auctions and spend way more than your eventual return.

And this is where TechVertu comes in - we have extensive experience with PPC and can help businesses get much more from their daily and monthly PPC spend.

Using the latest techniques and analytics, we’ll carefully calculate the most cost-effective keywords for your campaign. This will bring you better results – more traffic and leads – for the money you’re spending.

We’re also able to pursue long-tail search terms that few businesses have the time or resources to explore. Often, we’ll find niche terms where the top bid will be an incredible deal for your business.

PPC Results

Our PPC track record includes successfully helping to promote new businesses, products and services and transform under-performing campaigns into projects that thrive.

We’re able to manage your entire PPC campaign or you can pick and mix from a variety of services including:

  • Optimising your PPC goals and strategy
  • Carrying out detailed keyword research
  • Setting up your campaign and writing catchy ad copy
  • Testing your campaign
  • Tracking conversions and reporting on progress to ensure your campaign is delivering for your business
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