Navigating OneDrive

OneDrive basics for work or school

When using OneDrive, there are some fundamentals that will help you find files and folders, and get information about them.

Navigation pane

  • Files is your home base     where you can find all of your files and folders.
  • Recent shows the files you     worked on last.
  • Shared are the files others     have shared with you and the files you've shared with others.
  • Discover shows files that are     trending around you from people you work with.
  • Recycle     bin shows     your deleted files and folders.
  • Shared     libraries show     files in recently visited Teams and SharePoint sites.


  • Select New to create files or     folders.
  • Select Upload to add files or     folders to your OneDrive storage.
  • Select Sort
OneDrive for Business Sort button
  •  to change how you'd like to view your files.
  • Select View figure class="wp-block-image size-large">
OneDrive for Business View button
  • to change the view.
  • Select Information
OneDrive for Business Information button
  • to see details like who Has Access and Activity.Or, hover the cursor over a file and information will appear.
  • Use keywords and tags     to Search for files or folders.

Note: When you select a file or folder, the toolbar will change, letting you choose what you'd like to do with the file or folder: OpenShareCopy linkDownloadDeleteMove to, or Copy to.

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