Starting Impromptu Meetings

 How to meet in Microsoft Teams

Turn a conversation into a meeting with a few clicks. Add audio, video, and share your screen.  


Start a meeting 

  1. To start a meeting, do one of the following: 
  • Select 
Meet now icon
  •  in a new conversation.
  • Select 
Meet now icon
  •  in an existing conversation to keep all that conversation’s context.
  1. In your video preview, enter a name for the meeting, and select Meet now
  2. Select the names of the team members you want to invite to the meeting. You can also type a phone number which is a good way to add people outside your organization, if they t aren't using Teams. 


Join a meeting 

  1. Look for the meeting notification icon 
Meet now icon
  1.  in a conversation to find a meeting.
  1. Select Jump In to participate in the meeting. 


Share screen

  • Select the share screen icon 
Select to share your screen in a meeting.
  •  to show your screen to the other people in the meeting.
  • Select more options icon 
Select to see more options
  •  to record the meeting. You'll be emailed when the video is ready so you can view, edit, and share with others.

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