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No matter how big or small your company is, to invest in an internal communications plan is always a good idea. Too often overlooked by several organisations, a strong internal PR strategy is an important step to achieve your business’ goals.

Whether you require our help to develop your internal communications as a service on its own or as a part of an integrated Marketing & PR strategy, our team will work alongside your internal resources to give you advise and assist you with implementation.

Strategic ideas uniquely developed for your teams

Boost employees’ engagement and productivity

Internal Comms - when & why to implement

When rebranding or repositioning your brand

Most people don’t like change. And that’s because it’s scary to restart and to embrace the unknown. But that doesn’t apply only to your employees; it applies to your customers too. That’s why your employees’ understanding, engagement and support from day one are crucial to the success of such a challenging period. If the message is powerful, consistent and compelling from within, that will be reflected to the outside.

When there’s a new initiative and/or set of values

It’s important that all your employees are equally informed about business initiatives, changes or any other situations that might impact their daily work lives. An effective communication can be the key to successful organisational changes. But, even more, it’s all about getting your employees involved in the process and, therefore, engaged enough to achieve any objectives related to the change.

To boost employees’ engagement & performance

If you feel that your employees’ performance could be better (and let’s be honest, it can always be better!) then maybe it’s time to implement a strategic plan focused on boosting your staff’s levels of engagement. From opening up channels for feedback and suggestions to putting together team-building events, we can help you build happier and stronger teams.

To say ‘Thank You’ to your workforce

A simple “Thank You” really goes a long way. Sometimes, it’s important to just stop for a moment and show some appreciation for those responsible for the success your business is achieving. Don’t wait for the moment when you feel that you really need to implement an internal PR strategy; make it a natural element of your company’s blueprint.

Internal PR

A few things we can help you with:

Internal Newsletters and regular communications

Employees’ perks and benefits schemes

Appreciation and team-building events

Competitions and giveaways

Communication channels for feedback and suggestions