Working from home

Working from home – tips to work remotely and effectively

Keep your routine 

Try to stick to your regular working schedules and routine as much as possible, especially when your employer has asked you to keep your usual working hours – set your alarm, get up, get dressed, have your breakfast and start working (don’t forget your coffee!) 

Set up your workstation 

A good working environment is crucial to any employee’s productivity. If you can, choose somewhere quiet in your house, with good natural light and, if possible, near a window that you can regularly open for a bit of fresh air. Sit at a desk if possible (avoid the urge to spend all day in your bed!) and make yourself comfortable (but not too much!).  

Stay motivated 

It can be difficult to keep your motivation flying high when you spend a lot of time on your own. It’s normal that you experience boredom or loneliness. Make sure you carry on communicating with your work colleagues and even with other people who are also working from home so you can all motivate each other.  

Take short breaks 

Taking breaks to make tea or coffee, having a snack, stretch your legs, will help you stay focused and boost your productivity. Also, don’t forget to stop for your (well-deserved) lunch break and have a nice, relaxed meal.  


For some of us, working from home brings out our inner sedentary personality (we all have one!). Before or/and after work, try to do some exercise indoors or go for a walk around the neighbourhood. It’s good to get some fresh air and clear your mind.