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SEO tips to boost Google rankings

Google is one of the best and most trusted search engines used by companies all over the world. Even though there are several search engines available out there, let’s be honest – getting a company’s name to the first page of Google is the real aim. Every company in the world wants this position and every company struggles to get it.

So, what do you have to do to get your business to page 1 result in Google search results? Well, a few things really but targeting keywords along with their URL’s is crucial for your SEO plan to succeed.

To find out which keywords are better for your business to target, you can use some of the best keyword research free tools available online, like Google Keyword Planner and Keyword tool. If you prefer, you can also use paid software such as SEMRUSH or AHREFS.

It’s more difficult to achieve a first page ranking with highly competitive keywords; it is better to start by selecting a group of similar keywords to those you want to target, but that are less competitive. However, do not select just one keyword; always go for a set of keywords that you can mix and use with different combinations in order to drive more traffic. It’s good to select long tail keywords because they will get ranked quickly.

It’s also crucial to create good quality contents for your targeted pages as Google considers content quality as its primary ranking factor. Our Digital Marketing team at TechVertu can help you to create the best SEO-friendly contents for your company’s website.

Relevant sitemaps play an important role in your pages’ ranking as well so make sure to create and update your website sitemaps whenever necessary.

Both On page and Off page submissions are also important for SEO: any Off page optimisation strategies must only start after all the On page issues have been fixed.

Finally, it’s important to have some good quality backlinks to your website as these will increase your website’s online presence. The greater the number of backlinks you generate from respected, high quality websites, the more you get noticed in search engine results. However, please remember that adding your website into spammy webpages will not generate any relevant backlinks and Google will not recognise those.