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Search engines regularly updates they algorithm to give the best search result to the user. Just recently Google has changed its’ algorithms to stop so-called “Content farms”, which produce low grade content packed with popular keywords. As a result of these changes around 12% of the queries have been affected.

Search engine algorithm is unique for every search engine, search engine algorithms shows how and why the search engine is being ranked. Search engine algorithm is a formula or set of rules which search engine uses to decide the importance of a web page, and every single search engine has its own set of algorithm. Therefore, the result for the same keywords comes differently from the other search engines. Not all the web pages are reliable and useable. There might be spam, genuine, or even containing some useless data that are not eye-catching for people who visit the web page. In this situation by applying the mentioned algorithm search engine ascertain on the question mark about the web page. Moreover, by using the algorithms lots of other elements can be ranked and listed by search engine. Therefore, the result of every search query which began can be listed in order to make a coordinated and informational result page of a search engine.

Every search engine has its own algorithm and they are keeping it closely protected secrets; however, there are number of things that most of the search engine algorithms have in common. Those factors can be broken down into three categories relevancy, Individual factors and off-page factors.

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