Outlook Config

Outlook on Android

In this guide we go through the steps of how to install and configure the Outlook app on an Android phone, including how to move it to the home page and syncing contacts.

Using Microsoft’s own application for emails often works better than the generic mail app that comes with the phone. It is also very useful to be able to sync business’ contacts straight to your phone when they have been synced through Office 365.

Step 1

If Outlook is not installed, open the Play Store. If it is not on the home page, slide a finger up from the bottom to open Apps.

Google Play Store

Step 2

From inside the Play Store tap on the search icon (the magnifying glass symbol), type in Outlook and hit Go to search for the app.

Search for outlook

Step 3

Select Microsoft Outlook from the Microsoft Corporation, this will open the app’s page. From here select Install. Once finished it will change from Install to Open.

l and open outlook

Step 4

Pressing the Home button will take the phone back to the main screen. From here open up all Apps again and look for Outlook. Holding a finger over the app and sliding upwards slowly drags it from the Apps page to the main screen. This is a helpful method of moving apps around makes searching for them easier.

Drag and drop the app icon

Step 5

Open the Outlook app and select GET STARTED. Enter the email address and password.

Log in to Office 365

Step 6

Having successfully added the account, select SKIP unless there is a need to add another account.

SKIP again passed the tutorial to access the Inbox.

Skip app introduction

Step 7

Now that Outlook has been set up to receive emails, we will go through the steps of how Sync contacts from Office 365.

From the Inbox, select the three lines on the top left and then the settings cog on the bottom left.

Open navigation and tap on the cog

Step 8

Select the Office 365 account and then move the slider next to Sync contacts to the right.

In the phone’s contacts will be displayed all of the synced contacts from Office 365.

Open account settings and enable contact sync