LogMeIn Remote

LogMeIn – Accessing your work computer from the web

In this blog we aim to provide guidance on how to use LogMeIn to access your work computer remotely.

Step 1)  Open your web browser and go to www.LogMeIn.com

Step 2)  At the top-right of the web page select “Log In

Step 3)  Sign in with your email address and password. If you need to recover your password, can select “Forgot your password?”. This will sent a recovery email to your inbox which you can use to reset your password.

Step 4)  From this main page you can see the computers you can access remotely. To connect to a device, you can select the name of the computer or click on the image of the screen next to it.

Step 5)  Once connected, under the drop-down “Log in to” make sure you have selected your company name, and not the name of the computer. Then type in your company Username and Password. Please ensure you are typing your full password and not your Pin.

Step 6)  You have now successfully connected to your device. It is important that once you have finished you “Sign out” from the remote computer. This will secure your device from being accessed with your login. If you choose to shut down your computer, please note that unless someone has access to the physical device, you will not be able to power it back on.

If at any point you have issues and are unable to proceed, please contact Support@TechVertu.co.uk