Internal Communication

Key elements for an internal communications plan

Want to develop a simple but efficient internal communications plan for your company? So make sure you follow these 3 easy steps.

1. Objectives

Clearly state your business goals. An internal communications plan is ultimately a way to achieve an organizational outcome in a quicker and more effective way. But without your team’s help, a business plan will never succeed. So, don’t just state what the business goals are; make sure to explain to your employees what exactly is going to be achieved and, most importantly, what’s going to change when those objectives have been accomplished. And don’t forget – objectives don’t always have to be “end of the road” type of results; they can and shall also include smaller but rewarding goals to be met along the way.

2. Plan of action

Now that you’ve explained to your team what you want to achieve as a company, make sure you clearly state how you plan to achieve it. Never forget – without your team, your business will never accomplish anything so make sure you involve all employees on every step of the way. Explain what’s expected from them and also what’s in it for them.

3. Channels of communication

Create easy ways through which employees can give their contributions, share their opinions and help achieving the business goals. And make sure they understand when and how to use those channels. Facilitating the access to communications’ tools, which will help the organisation achieving its goals, is a key element to get higher levels of engagement from your employees.

If you still need help putting together a superstar internal communications plan, make sure you get in touch with our marketing & communications team for a friendly chat.