Headset IT Support

IT Support Services – selling the invisible

IT companies are frequently misunderstood. It’s not an easy job to sell something that people can’t actually see or touch. Selling Hardware is probably the easiest part, so let’s have it as our starting point. In the world we currently live in, it doesn’t matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur or a global enterprise, there’s one thing you need so you can do your job: a device. Computers, tablets, phones. And, most probably, you need those devices to be connected to a network. So far so good, right? 

But what happens beyond this point, that’s what makes the ever-changing world of IT quite confusing; and business owners still don’t fully understand the real depth of acquiring IT services and solutions. What do I need? Why do I need it? What are my options? What am I actually investing in?  


Well, first of all, you need Software. Any machine you use for work would be useless without them. If you don’t have an Internet browser software, you can’t access the internet. Without an operating system software such as Microsoft Windows, for example, your machine won’t run any other programmes. The list goes on and on – antivirus, database, email, movie player… 

Then you’ll need IT Services and this is when we start navigating through the most confusing part of the IT world. To make it slightly easier to understand, IT services can be divided into IT Solutions and IT Support.  

IT Solutions are also often referred to as software programs but they’re actually much more than that. An IT solution is a bundle, which can include different products, software and services. This bundle is specifically developed and implemented to address a problem and/or to improve a process. This includes, for instance, Printing Solutions such as Papercut which helps businesses to improve their printing experience while reducing waste; or cloud-based telecoms solutions that are more cost-effective and efficient for businesses.  

Last but not least, the most invisible of all services – IT Support. What do we sell here? Well, we quite like to call it “peace of mind”. IT Support Services range from implementing your network cabling and installing your hardware to monitoring your servers 24/7 and resolving any IT issues even before they affect your business. Depending on your business needs, requirements and human resources, you can opt for either Fully Managed IT Support or Complementary IT Support services.  

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