Corona Virus and our Business Continuity Plan

At TechVertu, we are closely following the latest information and advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we’re ready to act, if and when required, in the event of an outbreak in the UK. 

We not only have our own Business Continuity Plan in place, but we’re also aware of the key role we play to ensure that all our customers and companies we support can, quickly and effectively, implement their own business continuity plans and carry on with their daily tasks with minimum disruption. 

Our IT Support services are TechVertu’s critical business function. These services are divided between onsite and remote support, with currently 95% of the tickets raised being resolved remotely.  

Here at TechVertu we already have the infrastructure in place for our employees to work remotely.  

In terms of communication, we are using Microsoft Teams, part of the Office 365 package, for internal communications, sharing files and holding meetings and conference calls across different locations. Our telephone system is also cloud-based, meaning that all our IT technicians can make and receive phone calls from both their laptops and phones, no matter their location.  

These functionalities, alongside the Overall Performance Management Software used by TechVertu, enable us to run the business as usual from varied locations and still support our clients with no disruption.