LinkedIn QR Code

How to get a QR code for your LinkedIn profile

Even though LinkedIn has introduced this new functionality last year, quite a lot of users are still unaware of LinkedIn’s QR code feature. It’s super handy and super trendy – what’s not to like?

Get the QR code for your LinkedIn profile in a matter of seconds by following these easy steps. (Note: if you don’t have it yet, you will need to download and install the LinkedIn’s app on your phone)

  • Open the LinkedIn app and click on the icon located on the right-hand side of the search bar
  • Select option “My code” (note: you may need to grant access to your camera first)
  • You can share your QR code straight away or save it to your phone to share it later. You also have the option to share/save it with or without your profile picture. If you save it to your phone, you have a digital business card always ready to be handed out
  • If you need to scan someone else’s QR code, switch to the “Scan” tab

These LinkedIn QR codes can be easily shared and are extremely useful, especially when attending conferences and networking events. They can also be added to websites, business cards and CV’s.